About Us

We, the diverse creative team of beeHapee, have taken it upon ourselves to bring the art of sharing Hapee feelings and experiences to another level by focusing on the sheer positivity of our content.

We believe in a bright future where each one of us can contribute to the collective well-being of the world by sharing at least, a single dose of Hapee  feelings and experience on a daily basis.

Our mission is to create a safe and trustworthy community where people can interact, communicate, and empower one another by distributing  Hapee inspiring material.

Once again, we would encourage you to review the Philosophy of  beeHapee website;

beehapee Philosophy

beeHapee would be for every Hapee soul, and every soul who would like to bee Hapee.

The founder of beeHapee, would like to herald an era where all humans, despite different beliefs, cultures, and ethnicities, can live together in peace, harmony, tolerance, and a profound understanding of one another.

Humans are designed by nature to bee Hapee. Let’s change our attitude and mindset with the ultimate resolution to achieve everlasting hapeeness and bring positive attitude in our life.

Being positive is not a one-off experience but should become an essential permanent component of our soul by continuous training of the mind, through experiencing feelings of hapeeness and adapt a positive attitude towards life.

We are all derived from the building blocks of the ONE same blue planet as an infinitesimal fraction of the infinite universe.

In essence, there is no difference between races, geographic locations, and beliefs.

The ultimate goal of beeHapee is to create a hapee, harmonious and prosperous world for all.

  • Hapeeness should not be just an occasional part of life, but a perpetual feeling.
  • beeHapee is designed to help users to feel happy anywhere, anytime, whether at work or at home or any other activities.
  • Whenever filled with anger, hate, stress, dismay, or depression, people can revert to “hapee” feelings by exploring the contents of our beeHapee website.
  • beeHapee is an interactive platform . You may participate and contribute towards creating a “HAPEE WORLD” by uploading images, comments , videos, forming groups and your good experiences to be enjoyed by all, while increasing the positive energy level in the world.
  • beeHapee souls may also create networks worldwide, to find each other and to form hapee groups to share hapee experiences.
  • Daily hapee Hours will share the latest happy news from around the world, infusing you with hapeeness.
  • Together, we intend to change the current route of the world towards prosperity and positivity.
  • Most importantly, our children, our “Little Bees”, are our only hope for the future of the mankind, so by creating a safe, happy, educational, and thriving environment and by teaching them the way of experiencing positivity and hapee feelings from birth, we can make sure that there is a bright future for the humanity.

Rules and Regulations:

Only contents which induce feelings of hapeeness, relaxation, amicable feelings, positivity, and similar contents are permitted on this website. This may include music, sport activities, education, movies, videos, photos, texts, teaching, and all other similar material.

Bee News: In “Bee News” category, the users have the privilege to post all kind of News & Information which have a Hapee” or “Positive” content that will induce hapee & positive feelings to the users. All type of News & Information with inappropriate content will be deleted, together with the user accounts who have violated the regulations.

All offensive and abusive content which violate the beeHapee rules and regulations will be deleted along with their respective user accounts.

Children, our “Little Bees”, who would use the beeHapee website, should have the consent, supervision, and guidance of their parents.

Finally, we suggest starting each day by greeting each other with “beeHapee” and end it by wishing one another to “beeHapee”.